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Mapworks subtleties - Feature CRUD
...How does stuff get drawn on the map and what is the best way to do it for different use cases?

Some history...

X marks the spotIn the very beginning there was a bit of charcoal and the blank parchment; upon which the waterhole was marked, and a carefully drawn trail... read more

An update!
That was painless wasn't it?

Updates are expected to go out quickly, effortlessly and to a great degree of transparency. More details at the 3.2.1 Maintenance Release.

Hello, world!
Welcome to mapworks.

Now anyone can explore the world, and since going live on 23/22/24  (or in USA format 22/23/24) it seemed appropriate that we put hello world here.

API Getting Started
Mapworks Studio is a rich Geographic Information System (GIS) mapping Application Programming Interface (API). It provides simple and advanced mapping components, which can be used or customised within an end user’s application. To get started, click here.


Current Release:

3.2 - Aurora

Huzzah! We’ve actually gone and done it! The lights are on and we’re proudly opening the doors to the first publicly available version of our map design studio Mapworks. Now, anyone can design maps, get data and build world class apps directly in the cloud and share with anyone!  To mark the occasion, we’re naming this release Aurora (after the goddess of dawn, which feels particularly fitting).

Latest Update

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    3.2.6 Maintenance Release

    This release squashes a few more bugs that people have reported. We appreciate the input from the community, and if you do find bugs or have suggestions, please put them through our support portal.


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