Map / Layer Sharing, Embedding and Info

Once you've created a map or layer, there are several things you can do with it.

  • Delete: Delete the map
  • Share: Share the map with others
  • Info: Update the map information
  • Embed: Get Javascript or URL snippets to embed this map
  • Star: Star the map for easy access in the future

Sharing your Map

You can either enter the map sharing window either by clicking the Share button or the lock icon at the bottom right of the map.

Link to Share

At the top you have a unique link that can be used to share your map. Note that people you give this link to must have permissions to view the map.

Access Levels

There are 3 major levels of access control you can assign to a map:

  • Private (default): Only you can view or edit the map
  • Shared: Specific people, organisations or groups that you have shared this map with can view or edit the map
  • Public: Everyone can view / edit the map. This will add the "world" public user to your access list

You can share this map to a specific person, organisation or group by entering their name in the Invite people box and pressing Add. Once the settings are saved, they will receive a notification that the map has been shared with them.

For each person / organisation / group this map is shared with, you can also specify if they can only view or if they can edit this map.

Click Share & Save to save your changes.

Sharing on Social Media

If the map has been set to "Public" access you will have the option of sharing the map on social media. This includes

  • Email
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

Map Information 

This page allows you to view and edit some details about the map. 

  • Name: The name of the map
  • Description: A more detailed description of the map
  • Copyright: Indicates if there are any copyright restrictions on the map
  • Basemap: a flag to indicate if this map should be used as a basis to create other maps

Embed Map

This page allows you to embed your map into another webpage. Note that the map must be publicly visible in order for non-Mapworks users to view it.

It also gives you the following options:

  • Embed by using a javascript snippet or a URL link
  • Adjust the size of the map
  • Add a number of tools including:
    • Navigation - Basic navigation functions
    • Zoom - Buttons for zooming in and out
    • Legend - A dynamic legend of features visible in the map
    • Tooltip - Active mouse over and on click tooltips

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