The Mapworks Library

When you first log in to Mapworks, your Library will look pretty empty.

Let's have a quick look around to see what you can do.

Navigation Bar

The left Navigation Bar shows the different ways to find Maps and layers. The options are:

  • My Library - Maps / Layers that you have created
  • Featured - Maps / Layers created by the system. These are where you'll find good base maps to start creating your maps from
  • Public - Maps / Layers that others have made publicly available
  • Shared - Maps / Layers that others have shared with you (either individually, as part of a group or part of an organisation)
  • Starred - Maps / Layers that you have starred 

Navigation Filtering

The results of your navigation can be filtered to either show:

  •  Maps
  • Basemaps
  • Layers

To deselect, click on the currently selected option to show everything again.

Navigation Views

The results can also be seen in 3 views

  • Grid - Best for viewing thumbnail of Maps / Layers
  • Row - Best for viewing description of Maps / Layers
  • Detail - Best for viewing other details of Maps / Layers such as Name, Creator and Created Date

The search bar at the top allows the user to quickly search for all accessible content. You can also filter the result with the dropdown on the left.

Other Controls

The buttons at the top right give you additional account controls. The options are:

  • User Profile - Your Mapworks profile, Contains Maps you have create and other details.
  • Organisation Profile - (Only for Administrative users) Your Organisation details.
  • Notifications - Shows notifications
  • Settings - Opens the current user's profile details for edit
  • Logout - Logs the user out

See User Profile, Notifications and Settings for more details

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