User Profile, Notifications and Settings

The buttons at the top right of the Mapworks portal allow you to do a few things:

User Profile

The User Profile is your profile that all Mapworks users can view by clicking your name in Mapworks. It includes:

  • A Gravatar based on your email address. To create a Gravatar, go to
  • Your name and user name
  • The Maps and Layers that you have created
  • The number of maps you have starred 
  • How long you have been a member of Mapworks
  • The organisation you are a part of

The button at the top right allows you to edit your profile.


The Notifications page is either accessible through settings or the bell icon at the top right of the Mapworks Portal.

Here you will receive notifications if people have added you to their group / organisation and if anyone has edited or starred your map.


The Settings page allows users to edit their profile information, edit their organisation's profile information, view notifications, manage billing, groups, members, and set up their API keys.

The following table details the settings the user has access to with respect to the permissions they have.

  User Admin Signatory
Organisation Profile
API Keys

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