Viewing and Managing Groups

Viewing Groups as a User

General users can view the groups they are a member of.

Viewing and Managing Groups as an Administrator

By default, there are two groups that an administrator can manage:

  • Administrators: Members of this group have administrative rights for the organisation. They can update the organisation's profile and manage groups and members. When a user signs up, they automatically get added to this group.
  • Signatories: Members of this group can access and update billing details.

Creating a Group

Administrators can create new groups.

  1. Click Create Group
  2. Enter a name and a description of your group
  3. Click Create

Editing a Group

Administrators can update a group's name and description.

  1. Click Edit
  2. Update the name or the description of the group
  3. Click Save

Members can also be added and removed from a group. Note that a user must be a member of the organisation for them to be added (see Viewing and Managing Members for more information).  

As an administrator, you can also edit the profile information of the organisation members.

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