What is Mapworks?

Mapworks is SaaS map studio and spatial collaboration environment. It provides a one-stop shop that lets map builders source data and deliver web-maps that are tactile, responsive, high fidelity and location intelligent for anywhere on the planet.

Tactile, Responsive, High Fidelity

Whether you’re going on a hike or running a business, accurate and up-to-date data on a map helps you decide where, when and how to get where you want to go. Delivering ‘live’ high fidelity maps for business that provide a real-time blend of spatial and operational data from numerous sources is a serious undertaking. While not for the faint-hearted, Mapworks puts it easily within reach.

Business data changes at a rapid pace. We can’t rely on maps that are out of date. When location really matters, real-time maps with live updates can help any business. You can make better decisions through visualisation that is accurate, timely and ready for analysis of business & spatial data; delivered where and when you need it.

Who will use it and how?

  • You can start with an individual membership and define groups and roles as you build your company presence
  • Build maps from scratch or build-out from other maps and templates
  • Source and integrate maps and data from participating custodians, within your company or across the Mapworks marketplace.
  • Deliver fully functional Location Intelligent applications, right from the Cloud platform
  • Maintain your maps, data and applications all in one place
  • View, search, edit and mark-up your maps, then share with anyone you like
  • Embed your map into other business tools and applications, with the map objects fully accessible and interactive within any application

What makes Mapworks different from other SaaS tools in the marketplace?

The spectrum for map apps ranges from the very basic office location and Points of Interest (cafes, shops, hotels etc) types of map to the more highly technical geo-spatial analytics that have typically been supported by high-powered desktop applications.

While there are several tools available that focus on the simpler ‘points on map’ level application, Mapworks targets the more sophisticated Business Intelligence market. Powered by Amristar’s iDelve Map Engine, Mapworks brings the benefit of high fidelity vector maps that exceeds the capability of imagery based solutions for UX experience and capability. The ‘live object’ nature of Mapworks combined with a rich API, also makes real-time integration with other line of business apps a reality.

How much does it cost?

Developers can take a tour and sign up for a 90 day FREE trial, with a simple subscription model and online account management that scales with their adoption and apps distribution.

Where and how do I start?

Register at https://app.mapworks.io/#/sign-up 

Who will love it?

Any business who is serious about empowering location in their business, and putting maps into the very core of their information systems and decision making processes.


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