3.2 - Aurora

Huzzah! We’ve actually gone and done it! The lights are on and we’re proudly opening the doors to the first publicly available version of our map design studio Mapworks. Now, anyone can design maps, get data and build world class apps directly in the cloud and share with anyone!  To mark the occasion, we’re naming this release Aurora (after the goddess of dawn, which feels particularly fitting).

Release Details

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Release Version 3.2
Release Type Major
API impact None
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Release Notes

Here’s some of the great features you’ll find:

  • Build maps from scratch, or stand on the shoulders of giants (like Open Street Maps) or other explorers from the Mapworks community.
  • You can share your maps, everywhere - between fellow Mapworks users, your organisation, and the public - both within Mapworks and beyond in spaces like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ or Twitter
  • If you’re as nerdy as us, you’ll love the fact we’ve released a full API to let you integrate your maps right into your apps and websites
  • We’ve put security and privacy entirely in your hands - you have the power to share, on any basis, with full protection backing you at a fundamental level
  • Our flagship map editing environment (Studio) is packed with Enterprise level features allowing you to query, explore, style and build great looking maps
  • We provide high fidelity vector maps as standard - this means you get real data (not just pretty pictures), at your finger tips in blazingly fast speeds
  • And if that’s not enough, you can bring in unlimited quantities of map data from a variety of sources, quickly & easily