3.2.1 Maintenance Release

The one that fixes a few post inaugural problems ...

Like anything new, there will always be few surprising aspects that only reveal themselves when actually in use. This planned maintenance release tackles a few of those little critters that were hiding in wait. We tracked them down and made them pay! For those with a deep (and some might say unhealthy) interest in such things, there's a little more detail to satisfy your interest in the rest of this article.


GREAT new data from OSM; Some GREAT code examples; better messaging; better visibility (and invisibility); better user interface; better aesthetics; a couple of 'legendary bugs' (some 'just bugs'); better map interaction; better backend 'stuff'; less opposable thumbnails; and we fixed some really wierd stuff that you might find (if you knew the magical incantation, and could get some turkey gizzards).

Release Details

Release Date  
Release Name


Release Version 3.2.1
Release Type Maintenance
API impact None
Parent 3.2 - Aurora

Release Notes

    • Updated and refreshed the complete OSM basemap and layers
    • Bought back Codepen for examples (by popular request)
    • Added currency indicators to pricing to help ensure it's clear and transparent
    • Fixed a problem where the modal context menu was not destroyed properly
    • Fixed a problem where 409's were resulting in Mapworks when a users starred Posts was greater than 20
    • Fixed a problem where Users will never see Basemaps in My Library when creating maps
    • Fixed a problem where the Logo was partially obscured in Firefox when viewing the Developer API docs
    • Fixed a problem where the a new customer signup failed
    • Fixed a problem that was showing lines for polygon layers in legends
    • Fixed a problem opening a thematic layer and saving again killed off thematics
    • Fixed a problem in OSM Maps, elevation, where land layers were coming on too early
    • Fixed a problem where world place labels were not visible
    • Fixed a problem to ensure changes to subscription plan are reflected for customers in the billing area
    • Fixed a problem when moving markup layers caused them to go missing
    • Fixed a problem when adding elevation layer to a map did not display it
    • Fixed a problem where the header of the list view in the member area is very hard to click
    • Fixed a problem updating post tags timing out
    • Fixed a problem where the tick at login was misleading users
    • Fixed a problem where default transparency for a layer should be fully opaque
    • Fixed a problem where thumbnails are not generating quickly enough
    • Fixed a problem that showed the API Key of the User
    • Fixed a problem where thematic layers in the layer tree did not grey out when zooming past their min/max zoom scales
    • Fixed a problem where a markup layer with the tool expanded will be invisible if a user goes to the tools tab and clicks on any tool twice and opens a layer tab again
    • Fixed a problem with the OSM Land Cover layer
    • Fixed a problem adding a description to a markup element that contained the letter 'b'
    • Fixed a problem where maps were being requested from the wrong sub system
    • Fixed a problem where adding markup doesn't mark the map as changed
    • Fixed a problem when you refresh markup, you loose it
    • Fixed a problem where attributes of uploaded shapefiles were truncated and not referenced correctly
    • Fixed a problem where thematics layer should inherit opacity from parent
    • Fixed a problem where when hovering over studio layer library tabs they indented strangely
    • Fixed a problem where a change of CRS on image layers didn't show an error
    • Fixed a problem where a single feature select ignored selected layers to select from
    • Fixed a problem where the slider component becomes stuck
    • Fixed a problem where the navigation bar will "teleport" to the top of the screen when cycling through coordinates
    • Fixed a problem where layer "unavailable" result in menu oddities
    • Fixed a problem where previous results are shown when measuring a second time
    • Fixed a problem where studio doesn't show the map info
    • Fixed a problem where new registrations could fail
    • Fixed a problem where links from Map Name in the Member Area > List View were broken

    • Fixed a problem where newly created Maps appeared in Shared Stream as well My Library Stream  

    • Fixed an problem where Markup Tools went missing-in-action