3.2.3 Maintenance Release

As uptake continues to grow for Mapworks, we will push out more of these maintenance releases in response to suggestions and issues that are raised, along with ongoing product improvements.

One of the major improvements is to add Nginx and HTTP2 support into our product architecture. This will allow for concurrent page requests and improve the responsiveness of the application. We've also included an update to the data from SLIP (Western Australia Shared Land Information Platform) along with some minor tweaks to our basemaps.

Release Details

Release Date  
Release Name


Release Version 3.2.3
Release Type Maintenance
API impact None
Parent 3.2 - Aurora

Release Details:

  • Fixed an issue where thumbnails are not generating for non public maps.
  • Fixed a problem where thematic value ranges does not default to an ordinal colour scheme.
  • Fixed a problem where the layer library is unintuitive and non consistent with the member area.
  • Fixed a problem where a layer should only have one transparency slider.
  • Fixed a problem where thematically styled polygons should have a dark coloured outline.
  • Add support for HTTP2.
  • Fixed a concurrency issue that is causing partial data ingestion.
  • Fixed an issue where changing max visible scale on a thematics layer does not work with its thematic classes.
  • Fixed an issue where layerTree option should be optional during initialization when using the API to create Thematics.
  • Fixed layout issues when creating an embed modal with the share tab as default when using the API.
  • Fixed an issue where TreeEntity.findBySourceId returns duplicate layers.
  • Fixed an issue where previous measure results are shown when measuring a second time.
  • Fixed an issue where a user cannot cancel their trial subscription.
  • Fixed an issue where the map client does not send a message ok event when recovering from layer data errors.