3.2.4 Maintenance Release

This next maintenance release addresses a few issues with consistency and user interaction.

Also of note is the ability to add a logo that is displayed whenever an organisation's layer is visible. In the future we will allow this to be configured by the end user, but for now, it has only been set up for Bing and SLIP layers.

Release Details

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Release Name


Release Version 3.2.4
Release Type Maintenance
API impact None
Parent 3.2 - Aurora

Release Notes

  • Fixed OSM Suburb Label's visible max scale to be inherited from the layer scale rather than specifically defined.
  • For thematic layers, label templates can only be defined on the parent, but visibility can be set on the child classes.
  • Removed some irrelevant attributes when displaying selected features.
  • Added the ability to display a layer's licence logo on the map. This has been configured for SLIP layers.
  • Removed the ability to change the layer's field name. Display title should be used in most instances.