3.2.6 Maintenance Release

This release squashes a few more bugs that people have reported. We appreciate the input from the community, and if you do find bugs or have suggestions, please put them through our support portal.


In other news Mosey on over to Codepen where we are starting to put up some of our free code examples

Release Details

Release Date  
Release Name


Release Version 3.2.6
Release Type Maintenance
API impact None
Parent 3.2 - Aurora

Release Notes

  • Opacity values are now rounded to two decimal places.
  • Fixed an error that was shown on thematic class layers when there is no error with the parent layer.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented a user from setting the opacity of WMS layers.
  • Make the geometry column always available for query.
  • Fixed the error thrown when a user cancels the configuration of image type layers.
  • Enforce the max scale limit on a layer.
  • Fixed a rare bug which prevented some maps from saving.
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect length values are displayed when using the measure distance tool.
  • Added the ability to define a WMS server without a question mark at the end.