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What is Mapworks?

Mapworks is a design studio that provides a versatile, high performance, high fidelity map integration and design platform. It allows you to source for authoritative data, design your own maps, develop your own applications and share your data with anyone.

Mapworks is an application enabling framework which can imbue your existing applications and processes with location intelligence. You can use the maps as-is, creating your own data and sharing it with others to add spatial and location awareness to your business processes and decision making. You can also embed the map in your own custom application, creating business processes and workflows that are tailored specifically to your needs.

Mapworks is available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, giving you the benefit of the latest updates and improvements along with the performance and scalability of the cloud. Alternatively, Mapworks can be installed on premise, which gives the same functionality with the stability of controlled version upgrades, the added security of maintaining all your data locally and allowing you to configure your own High Availability / Disaster Recovery setup.

Tactile, Responsive, High Fidelity

The way Mapworks handles vectors is what makes it unique. Rather than rendering a static map ‘picture’, Mapworks renders vector data directly to the browser client. Using our “Multi Resolution Vector Streaming” technology, Mapworks only transmits the data you require at your current map view, refining features when you zoom in closer.

All this translates to a high fidelity, performant and functionally rich mapping experience that performs exceptionally well even in low bandwidth conditions.

Extensive Map Design Tools

Users can get started either with one of Mapworks’ premade base maps or from a blank canvas. From there, they can define every aspect of the map, including what layers to add, the draw order, and the initial map extents. They can also configure the styling of each individual layer, including things like the colour, line style and line width, whether a layer can be clicked on and what information is displayed when this happens. Users can specify which layers can be searched on and how the search results are displayed. Complicated thematic maps can be defined based on fields in their data, with the ability to toggle between thematic maps to give them a Spatial Business Intelligence capability.

Spatial Data Management

Good decisions stem from good data. Mapworks enables users to search for and incorporate layers from free datasets such as Open Street Maps, as well as several authoritative datasets. These datasets will be maintained as part of the Mapworks cloud offering.

Mapworks allows administrators to upload and refresh their own datasets by simply dragging and dropping spatial files into the application or connecting to their spatial databases. The data can be updated ‘in place’ with no changes to the map being required and no disruption to your end users. Mapworks can also handle changes in the data schema. New fields in the data can be added or fields remapped if they have been changed. Connecting to OGC standard services such as WMS or WMTS are also available.


Security is built into the core of Mapworks and is evident at every level. You can define exactly which users or groups you want to share maps or layers with or make it public so that all users can view your map. You can also restrict users to have either read or write permissions. API keys can be generated to allow 3rd party applications to access Mapworks functionality or produce short lifetime access tokens (OAuth2) for an added level of security. In addition, you can configure Single Sign On so that your users never have to remember a separate login.

Rich Client and Server API

Along with its extensive out of the box capabilities, Mapworks features a vast client and server API which enables developers to build custom applications that leverage the power of Mapworks. This could be as simple as putting a skin with your company logo on top of a Mapworks mapping client or making simplified business workflows that automate repeated processes. Or you can use Mapworks as a spatial engine that batch processes spatial analytics and produces new data that gets inserted into a map. If Mapworks can do it out of the box, there will be an API for your applications to do the same.

Who will use it and how?

  • You can start with an individual membership and define groups and roles as you build your company presence
  • Source and integrate maps and data from participating custodians, within your company or across the Mapworks marketplace.
  • Deliver fully functional Location Intelligent applications, right from the Cloud platform
  • Maintain your maps, data and applications all in one place
  • View, search, edit and mark-up your maps, then share with anyone you like
  • Embed your map into other business tools and applications, with the map objects fully accessible and interactive within other applications

Where and how do I start?

Register at

Who will love it?

Any business who is serious about harnessing location intelligence and leveraging spatial data in their information systems and decision making processes.